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I’m Asaf Katz, and I want to share a bit of my story and how LinkedOtter came to be. Back in 2020, I left Australia and Cannvalate, a company I co-founded. In Israel, I dove into cybersecurity and soon became a go-to Chief Revenue Officer for companies needing to scale fast or fix a dry pipeline.

The journey led to the creation of LinkedOtter and our innovative NES Framework. But enough about us – let’s dive into how we’ve helped others like you:

If you’re facing sales and marketing challenges, let’s talk. We’ve got a special something for smaller teams to kickstart your outbound journey. And if you’re curious to see how LinkedOtter can change your game, let’s have a chat.

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Asaf Katz
Founder & CEO, LinkedOtter
Crafting Sustainable Outbound Channels for B2B Tech

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