Have you ever wondered how a startup straight out of stealth mode, with no brand recognition, could secure over 64 demos in just 20 days? Hi, I’m Asaf Katz, and I’m here to unravel the mystery behind this success. We used an uncommon funnel, which I’ll share with you today, to help an AppSec cyber security startup penetrate a new market and make a name for themselves. Let’s dive in!

The Humble Funnel: A Unique Approach

The main challenge for any new startup, especially in the cyber security space, is to capture the attention of the world’s busiest decision-makers. In our case, we targeted Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). We introduced them to what we call the “Linked Order Humble Funnel”. This funnel is unique because instead of directly asking for a demo or a sale, we ask for feedback. This approach not only warms up the potential customer but also builds a relationship with them.

Crafting an Effective Outreach Strategy: The Secret Sauce

The next step was to devise an outreach strategy. We carefully considered who in the organization would be reaching out to whom. Just like otters who work, build, and hunt together, we adopted a similar approach.

We transformed the LinkedIn profiles of everyone in the company into mini funnels with a call to action. We then mapped the avatars’ desires, symptoms, and pain points to create an optimal target list and a series of messages that contained strong social proof and an offer.

Results: A Successful Demand Generation Campaign

After just 20 days of running this campaign, we had generated 64 meetings and 353 leads. This was a very particular group of audience that we’ve reached out to, mainly because the technology that this startup was providing doesn’t apply to the entire market. It’s a very particular problem that they’re solving.

The Impact: Global Companies Respond

Now, you might be wondering, “What types of companies respond to these campaigns?” Well, we’ve seen success with global companies, not just small startups.

So, if you’re a cyber security startup looking to boost your demand generation efforts, this strategy could be just what you need. If you want to see whether this strategy is applicable for your organization, feel free to reach out. Click the link below to set up a meeting with myself or someone from my team. We’ll go over your targeting strategy, current messaging, and current offer to see if we can help you achieve similar results.

Thanks for reading. If you think this guide could be helpful to someone else, feel free to share it. Remember, in the world of cyber security, we’re all in this together.


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